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Large clay pots: a functional and attractive option for your home

If you're looking for a decorative option for your home that not only looks good, but that is functional and useful as well, you might consider clay pots as one of your top options. Clay pots are a highly versatile type of decorative option that are available in a range of different styles and colors. You can use them both indoors, and for outdoor decorating as well, which makes them an excellent addition to your home.

Large clay pots are an elegant way of decorating open areas in your home. Clay pots of this size look great in large and open areas such as in hallways and walk ways, and also in spaces such as underneath stairs, or in front of pillars. You can buy clay pots with a variety of different glazes, such as dark, pale, or or a colored stain, or you can opt for a natural style. These tend to be between the colors of orange and light brown, although this will depend on the particular type of clay used. Some clays tend towards gray or even white, while other clays will be quite a bit darker, and may contain streaks or smattering of color. Either way, your clay pots will look fabulous and unique in your home.

You can choose to leave your clay pots empty so that they act as decorations on their own, or you can opt to fill them. Large clay pots look great when filled with tall and slim features such as dried sticks and reeds, or they also look great with sculpted trees and hedges. If you're going to opt for this option, consider a kumquat tree or a large hedge, and place your clay pots by the front door or another entrance way. Clay pots are a great way of livening up your entrance way and making it look more formal or stately.

You can also fill your clay pots with large white rocks and decorative items designed to complement them. For example, small green lily leaves or yellow or orange flowers can offer an intriguing contrast. You may also wish to combine some dark pebbles with your white rocks to mix up the color scheme a little. If your clay pots are outside, try to tie them in with your decorating scheme, which may be somewhat different from your interior design theme. For example, if you have a formal back yard, you may wish to mount your large clay pots on a stand, or paint certain elements of them to fit in. You may also consider waterproofing them and filling them with water and items such as water plants and similar. Note that clay pots used for this purpose will likely begin to grow lichen, and will take on a green tinge. However, this is often part of the desired look, and can look quite striking.
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